Aikido Winter Retreat 2013

Brisbane Aikido Republic

Winter Retreat, June 14-16th 2013


Planning is well underway for this years winter retreat. Having out grown our location for the last few years this year we head to the scenic rim where we have found a delightful country hall in a rural setting of 100 acres reserve with bunk rooms and ample space for those wanting to sleep under canvas (BYO or we have some too). Fear not, all the creature comforts of hot showers and  kitchen are available for our use. Huddle in the hall or round a campfire at night!

Winter retreat is an opportunity to spend time together outside the dojo doing a little training, eating and relaxing. Family members are welcome

Our Saturday night dinner will again be catered by the fabulous Naughty Chef BYO for the rest of the weekend as we pitch in for Breakfasts and Lunches

Registration opens soon!
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See our previous winter retreats and photos here

Theme : Aiki on the inside
Aikido practice focuses on example of Aiki handed down through the aikido kata we practice as techniques. These however are just examples and are intended to develop aiki  as a spontaneous action from within. We are fortunate that our school through its Ki Society influences and the Daito Ryu gives us access to other methods or training to develop these. Additionally other training methods are emerging. 
Winter retreat this year will focus on these through 3 sessions

1. Ki development  - An introduction to KiAlison lane
2. Daitoryu te no uchi - The inside hands and tanden development of the daitoryu
3. Internal strength  - a sampling of modern research in this area

Each session will introduce key concepts together with application to aiki waza

I want to come, what next?
1. Let us know your coming,
2. Get your accomodation sorted, either book a tent site (let us know) or get a bed in a bunk room (see below)
3. See Alison to sort your pantry items closer to the time, or BYO

We have booked 2 dorm rooms for male and female singles. Please see Michael or Angela at the dojo to reserve and pay for space in these. 
There are two other dorm rooms that can be booked for $50/night or bring a tent and spread out. To book out your own dorm room or tent site it should be  booked directly through the Bigriggen campground website. Please list 'Aikido Republic' as an accompanying party in the booking forms and note their excellent policies on peace and quiet throughout the park.


Friday 14th

Arrival, evening supper ready from 6pm

Saturday 15th Breakfast

9:30-10:15 Ki Development Exercises

11:15-12:00 Weapons and Ki


1:15-2:00 Daito Ryu

 3:00-3:45 Internal Strength


Sunday 16th


Aiki Arts 


We expect the weekend will cost ~$50 per adult. Costs comprising of
1. Registration and dinner (~$30 per adult)
2. Accommodation, hire a bunk room for $50/night (sleeps 5) or camp for $9/$6 night pp
3. Training fees are included in monthly mat fees, or add casual/ prepay blocks.
4. BYO food for the reminaing meals