Japan Aikido 2010

In late 2008 Hashimoto Sensei sent us a letter of invitation to join him in a friendship Seminar in rural Matsusaka Japan with a view to inviting a few organisations to participate in what might become a regular event. It was a happy out come that Master Koretoshi Maruyama and Michael Williams Sensei from Aikido Yuishinkai agreed to teach together with Minoru Oshima Sensei from the Kodokai Aikido and planning began in earnest.

With a few visits each way to fine tune the details and many many emails the friendship seminar was realised though the support of Aikido Yuishinkai Australia and many students who wanted to come to train to practice aikido it turned into a reality. With 30 students from Australia, a smattering from overseas including Franco from Italy and plenty of Japanese aikidoka it was a fabulous time on and off the mat. Sensei informally open the seminar the night before with a Sake tasting party and the next morning the seminar was opened with some traditional Japanese arts. With high energy instruction from Oshima Sensei a master classes from Williams  Sensei and Maruyama Sensei's latest revelations about this fascinating art there was barely time to unwind in the hot baths before doing it all again the next day..it even made the local TV news. For instructors Gess and Andrew it was a special moment to be presented with dan certificates in Japan and a rare occasion indeed to see Williams Sensei presented with a 10th Dan certificate as well. Hitomi san and Hashimoto Sensei were awarded senior dan grades and gave a truly inspiring demonstration of their skills. All too soon the seminar was over - but wait there was more  as many stayed on for a fabulous cultural tour of Japan. 

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Participating Organisations

Junshinkai Aikido  (Host Organisation)


Asanokan Ryokan Post seminar